Monday, January 24, 2011

MIA - Not ME!

Not me! I haven't been missing in action since, oh, I don't know... November? The summer? 2009?? Obviously I am one of those people who can just juggle 2 kids, a couple of part-time jobs, housework, a husband, a preschool co-op, and mundane things like laundry and grocery shopping with ease.

I certainly haven't transferred all of my people updating effort onto *whispers* facebook. Not me. nope.

If I walked into someone else's house right now, and their bedroom, looked like my bedroom does right now, I wouldn't feel sorry for them. Uh uh.

My Christmas decorations are ALL put away. I didn't juuuuust put away the tree and ornaments and stuff in our living room and feel sooooo proud of my large pregnant self, that I stopped. 3 weeks ago. Not me! :-)

I am almost certain to beginning blogging again with regularity and vibrance, despite the impending approach of our third son and disintegrating appearance of my house. Yes sir!

Among other.... things.... I did not tell Joey that he could wait a minute before we listened to his kids praise c.d. so I could hear this song in the car:

Obviously not, because I don't even like country. :-) riiiiiight. not me! On that same note, my son does not think the song "American Honey" is about that stuff he likes to put on his waffles. And does not ask me, when any song comes on the radio if it is the "Come Back Song".

And although I would love to catch you all up more I have loads and loads of work to do, including lots of household cleaning and tidying, which I will be faithfully doing ALL evening, and most definitely NOT watching any bad reality t.v. that ABC might have on tonight, including, but not limited to, The Bachelor. Because really, if you had looked ahead online at this season's spoilers (which I wouldn't) and already knew who the winner was (which I didn't!) then it wouldn't really matter watching the drama (which it doesn't!), now would it?

Happy Monday!
And for your viewing pleasure: (ONE of Joey's favorite songs)