Friday, December 21, 2007

Beaten Down Blog

I had such a good time looking at Nativity pictures earlier in this week, thinking about what the Christmas season is truly about and spending some time enjoying what I have. I have a wonderful husband who loves me and takes care of me in ways I never even dreamed of. I have a very sweet son, whose smile brings tears to my eyes and who is daily a joy to us! I serve a God who loves me and will never let me go, as does my husband.

Good reminders because today California finally beat me down. To preface this, I know it is unfair to blame it all on the state....that said. Today while I was at the gym, my purse was stolen out of my car. I never take it in because I have no place to put it, and when I leave it in the car I am always careful to leave it in the trunk (which I won't even do in some neighborhoods, because I worry about people seeing me do that, and going to get it later) or I put it under the drivers seat (where it can't be seen). Today I put it under the drivers seat. That way it's relatively hard to spot unless someone is watching you, or notices you get out of a car without a purse. So one of those scenarios occured today because my locked car was jimmied and my purse with my wallet, cell phone, and palm pilot was stolen.

After spending some time on the phone with Bank of America, and waiting while the police poked around the car (with loud police german shepard barking from nearby car) I got to come home and wait on hold to reach all the different financial institutions to cancel my cards. Luckily for us, no cards were used. Apparently they tried to use my checkcard at a gas station for $1... probably just seeing if it worked, which the bank took care of. They didn't make it any further. My phone I guess is off somewhere ringing in a bush and my palm needed to be charged so I doubt it will turn on for them. I had very little cash, less than $40. I also had my sweet son with me, who stayed patiently in his carseat while he was rocked to sleep. Not a peep. He held it together, as I made more phone calls at home and canceled things and finally started to cry because he wanted to go to bed. After I put him in his crib he was totally asleep.

I wish stuff like this never happened but I am glad that the most important things to me are safe. I had my car keys. I drove home. I cried a little, because even though it is material convenience, it is convenient and there are things I need to do for us to be able to travel in 24 hrs, that I cannot do now. It also feels bad to be violated like that.

So your prayers would be greatly appreciated, as we work our way through re-obtaining these things, specifically my drivers license. Sadly some things can never be replaced. I had some pictures, and I had 3 notes that my mom, dad and brother wrote me when I left for college. They were very special to me.

I'm sure things will be looking up in a day or so, but right now, thinking of the things I needed to do tomorrow and the cross country traveling of the next few weeks without I.D., etc, I'm definitely beaten down! (Also, it's a little nerve wracking to be sitting at home with the baby, knowing that someone out there has our name and address, and money for that matter) It's funny.....why doesn't someone steal our washer and dryer so I can't do laundry for the trip, or our suitcases, so I can't pack!

(Also, Jamie and Lexie, we are still hoping to have breakfast with you in the morning but I can't call you to arrange the time because my phone is ringing in a bush somewhere)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

For Jessie

Jess, I hope you enjoy this!

Christmas Images

Well I just finished Christmas shopping here in CA. This was a much different experience than in Harrisonburg, or even in Northern VA with all the D.C. commuter traffic. I did "most" of it in one day because after a few hours I decided there was NO WAY I was going out again...(and Lexie and I were shopping together so that was motivating)

So now I am home with a (finally) happy, full, and sleeping baby and I don't feel like such a bad mommy anymore for dragging him around!

Although Christmas shopping here was a little insane, now that I am done I plan on fully enjoying the rest of the season with all the great music, family, friends, and decorations that go along with the birth of our savior. So it is with a celebratory spirit I'll share these images of the Holiday Season with you all!

And the Most Important part of the season, the story that should bring us all to our knees. Our Great God and Savior sent his only son Jesus to the earth, to take on the body of a man, live a life where he was persecuted, hated and rejected while trying to share the love of His Father with this world. He taught of God's justice, kindness, patience, righteousness, love, and most importantly, of His grace and forgiveness upon the very people who had turned from God. He taught that we have the ability through His power to accept that grace and forgiveness, and though we are filled with sin, be filled instead with His Holy Spirit and fall in love with the Lord. It is the greatest love story ever and available to those who will call upon the Lord. So enjoy these next pictures, because this is no fable; Jesus really was born of a virgin, laid in a manger and was and is today, saving His people from their sins (Matthew 1:21) Can you think of anything more inspiring and amazing??

Adoration of the Child by Fra Angelico

Mystical Nativity by Botticelli

Estelle M. Hurll
The Madonna in Art

Lorenzo Lotto 1523

Nativity at Night
by Geertgen tot Sint Jans
Late 15th Century

The Nativity by Petrus Christus 1445

It's amazing how long artists have been capturing their ideas of what this miracle looked like. I think everyone can agree that it was breathtaking. I hope you all have a breathtaking Christmas!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

3 Months Old!

On Saturday Josiah was 3 months old!! To celebrate I took a few videos of him doing different things (which for him, for now, means smiling and maybe grabbing things....)


This video clip is of Joey playing in his bouncer (which he no longer sleeps in!) with some toys.

And our new seat... this is NOT a Bumbo, I would like to point out because of all those crazy women who put the bumbo up on their tables, kitchen counters, bathroom sinks, couches, etc, so that their children fell off and got hurt and it was RECALLED for all the rest of us... SO this is Joey in his BeBe Pod....up on the couch ;-)

I can't really post the next video I took, but it was really exciting! I was taking a video of Joey on his tummy and then all of a sudden, he rolled over. I caught it all on the camera...of course that video is too long to post so instead you get a video I like to call "what happens when Daddy is watching Joey"

And after all that, our little man was so tired...

A few tidbits about what Joey is doing now... At almost 14 pounds (!!) he is sitting up really well when being held or propped against furniture. He has started to go to the childcare area of our gym for about an hour in the morning (so you all can pray that he doesn't get sick!) and seems to like it. The ladies that work in the childcare really seem to enjoy him! He is starting to develop a routine with his naps (one about an hour after he wakes up for a few hours and one in the early afternoon (after we get home from the gym). He goes to sleep somewhere between 7 and 8 and still sleeps very well (lucky us!) He likes all of his toys that light up and make noise and enjoys playing by himself or with us. He is easily entertained and not very needy but certainly loves to be snuggled and smiled at. He loves his pacifiers and is starting to pull them out of his mouth, and put other things in, as he discovers his hands and mouth. He occasionally will grab a toy in front of him, but not too often, so we're still working on that skill.

We are all gearing up for a trip back to the east coast for the holidays and the wedding of our friends Aaron and Sarah! Baby on a plane!
Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Here She is....

...And we can't wait to meet her.

Lillian Lane Carpenter was born December 14, 2007 (on her due date...wonder what that says about her personality) at 2:02 a.m. (wonder about that too!) . She is 6 lbs 8 oz and SO CUTE!!!

I am stealing the photo that Myers sent out to post (see Myers...get a blog!!!, blogging is GREAT!)

Laura and Myers both have been so great to Matt and I in the past few years! Laura and Lisi pulled off our wedding (which was great) and Laura and Myers adopted my car last year while we were in Chile. I don't know if they really even used it, but they kept it well for us and had some work done on the old girl ;-) We are so grateful for their friendship and excited that we can rejoice with them over the life of their little girl!!

Congratulations you guys!!!

Isn't she beautiful!!

I told Lisi that she has more hair than Joey and Judah combined! (Eve though, might win the prize for most hair!)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A New Little Friend...

Oh my!! I'm so excited. Right now we are praying for our friends Laura and Myers as they welcome their new little baby girl into the world! Laura's water broke this morning (at least I think, with the time difference I never really know what time is what) and when I called Jeremiah to check on the progress, they were all on the way to the hospital.

Gosh I'm excited! It will be so neat to go through the 'burg on the way to my parents and be able to spend time with Judah and little baby girl Carpenter. Please be praying for them that she can join the outside world tonight and without too much pain or difficulty for her mother. Lisi is going along as a doula, so please keep her in your prayers also, and Myers as a new Daddy that he will be able to support Laura through the process (He is great! I know he'll be wonderful).

I can't wait to see these friends of ours soon and hear their stories!! It will be so fun!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Blog Request

Hi Friends!!! I would like to thank you all for having blogs. I am prepared to admit that I am addicted to reading blogs and I love keeping up with people that way, especially being far from old friends. And we all know it's tough to keep up with everyone. So I'd like to say thank you to all of you out there who have blogs.

Now, my requests:

1. If you do not have a blog, please get one. I don't want to start having to name names here, but there are many of you (who read blogs) who do not have one and I would like you to get one. Now, if possible.

2. Write blogs. Some of you out there, (again not naming names, because sometimes I frequently am guilty) do not update your blogs enough. You all are interesting people!!! I want to see pictures and hear news!! :-)

Thank you for reading. Go write a blog now! :-)

Friday, December 7, 2007

When your Husband is a photographer....

...You'll probably find yourself (and your child(ren)) involved in many many photo shoots!

Here are some of the results from Matt's photo shoot:

I wish I could make each shot bigger because they are so different but it was really cool. Joey didn't think it was so cool at first but, eventually, I guess we bored him to sleep!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Joey with...

I can't believe I haven't added anything in so long!! Life has just been too exciting for us!! Since our last posting we've had Matt's entire immediate family here for a visit, explored more around the bay, Matt had his first solo (paid!!) photo shoot, we've had friends over for dinner, gone to friends' for dinner, left Josiah for the second time (:-( for a movie :-) and joined a gym! It's been a busy 2 weeks!

Matt's been working really hard juggling (about 3) jobs. He has a job at an electronics store here in town, he is working hard on studying and finals for school and getting the photography business up and running. Check out his website We're using craigslist (of course) to advertise the business and people are definitely interested. He has appointments filling this and the next 2 Saturdays for potential wedding clients.

Joey is quickly developing a more and more smiley personality (and, thankfully, a schedule). He wakes up around 9 and then after eating and playing a little (smiling at things) it's back to sleep for about an hour and a half. Then he's up until his afternoon nap (again about 2 hours) and it's back to bed at 8. There is nothing quite like getting him up from a nap when he is happy and well rested and smiles so BIG!! He has a new seat (like a Bumbo) which we'll try to post some pictures of later. He also got a new swing (right when Aaron and Sarah visited) from craigslist. He's happy and loving life and holding his head up well. He smiles easily now and although he isn't reaching for things yet... it seems like it is just around the corner.

So, without further delay, some pictures...

With Mommy
With Aaron and Sarah... (If he can learn to crawl at a miraculous 5 months maybe they'd let him be their ring bearer.....??)
With Daddy

With Daddy and Mommy
With Uncle Rob and Aunt Amanda
With Grandma and Grandpa Beardsley...

And for the closeup....
With one of Daddy's most prized possessions
Our little reindeer, with his little reindeer

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Some pictures of the house...

Last week we had visitors here in CA!!! Our friends Aaron and Sarah came and stayed for 4 days, taking a break from lots of work and med school applications! I don't know if I'll post all the pictures from the visit but we had a great time. We went to Muir woods, which was really neat. Muir woods is the only surviving primordial redwood forest. It has coastal redwoods, the tallest in the world and it was truly spectacular! A little interesting history: Muir woods was declared a National Monument in 1908 by Teddy Roosevelt and was the first to be created from land donated by a private individual, in this case, a Mr. William Kent. Originally it was going to be named after him, but he insisted that it be named after the famous naturalist, John Muir. (If you come to visit us here, you'll see alot of Muir, Muir Rd. John Muir Medical Center, etc.)

We also visited San Francisco, took the long (well it feels long to me) drive up Lombard Street and then down the curvy side. We walked around the Embarcadero and saw the sea lions at Pier 39. We had a great time, even though it rained on us. And we managed to keep the baby dry!! Before Aaron and Sarah left we toured the Jelly Belly Factory, which I think was my favorite trip! The above link is actually for the flavor guide, which I think is more interesting than a picture of the factory. Before we left Matt and I made our own mixes. Matt's had Dr. Pepper, Toasted Marshmallow, Cinnamon, Strawberry, Grape Crush, Candy Cane, Watermelon, Apple, and I think he added some of the all-together mixed beans. Mine had Watermelon, Cherry, 7-Up, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Grape Crush, and Lemon Drop. It's so cool to eat some out of a bag and like EVERY flavor. Dangerous too.

Well, this post was supposed to have some pictures of the house, which was nice and clean before Aaron and Sarah came... but I got distracted by talking about the cool things that we did and the fun that we had. :-) So here are a few pictures of the house and afterward I hope to post some pictures of our adventures together!
These are pictures of our guest room/Matt's office. Thanks to Jamie and Lexie for their loan of another bedspread. Matt also photographed the bedspread for an assignment on color, so we've gotten alot of use from it!
These pictures are of our bedroom and naughty cat.
Our bathroom/Joey's tub
So that's the inside of our house minus the guest bathroom and Joey's room. Joey's room has been posted before BUT he just got a new bookshelf (for $5 - Yay Craigslist!!) so I'll have to take some pictures and post that. Eventually I'll get around to the outside of the house - but it's not too exciting, mostly just garage!

Thanks for looking!! More pictures to follow!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Homework Help

Fall at our House

Here are a few pictures of what fall at our house looks like. Thanks to Sarah for the dreads!