Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dear Dr. Uncle BoBo:

What do hives look like?

love, Joey

P.S.  Hi Baba HI!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009



Matt and I just got back from a long weekend in L.A.  It was great fun visiting with Matt's brother Rob, and Joey loved seeing his uncle!  Since we've been back though, life has been slightly trying.  Last night after having a grown up shower, Joey developed a rash (legs, arms and face) because of the soap.  Mental note, child with sensitive skin cannot use normal soap.... Yesterday our basement also flooded.  No serious problems, it just brings our attention to the fact that since the "rainy season" is beginning, we are going to have to work the pumps and be aware of the problem.  (It's just a crawl space that floods, not the whole basement and certainly not areas where we have things, but it's still an issue and it stresses me out!  I mean, you aren't supposed to have water under your house!!!)

We haven't unpacked, so there is a small mountain of stuff in our entryway.  Honestly, why is it so easy to pack to go places and so terribly hard to unpack.  Likewise for unloading the dishwasher and putting away laundry.  

And we had a miscommunication with the neighbor who was watching Ziggy and Mocha that resulted in Ziggy missing out on a walk on Monday afternoon before we came home (late late late Monday night).  He ended up in his crate for over......nevermind.  It was a really really really long time.  A really long time.  Which for us....ehhhhhh, we love Ziggy but we love Rob more and we appreciate the flexibility in being able to visit.  We simply could NEVER afford to board him so the fact that he missed out on 1 walk is very minor to us and we didn't have any hard feelings, but our neighbor felt TERRIBLE and came over with her MOM today to apologize with some kind of EXPENSIVE pastry from some shop and *sigh*.  I feel awful that she feels so bad.  I mean, it's really REALLY not a big deal.  We love our dog but I like to think that we are realistic about him and he is a DOG.  I just don't want her to feel so bad that she won't watch him again!  It's truly invaluable to us!

Matt's computer had some kind of mutinous rebellion today that involved hours and hours of moving files around resulting in a work day that started about 45 minutes ago (at 6 p.m.) so it looks like after the boys are abed, tonight will be full of album designing for him and unpacking and laundry for me.  

I'm debating giving Joey another bath tonight with just cool water to try and help the rash.  I've had like 5 cups of coffee today to try to get up the motivation to put things away and get back to life, but by golly, I'm just not there yet.  

Thanks!  I just needed to whine about it for a minute.  

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Little Pumpkin

Last week Matt took Joey out for a little photo shoot for one of his classes. Joey had a little picnic:

And then spent some time looking cute with a pumpkin:

Give me happy....

Now pensive....
I need deeper, more thinking...
Now give me pouty....
How about just, cute?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

13 Miles....No Problem!

Well, I'm rushing to get this typed before it's time for church here, but I am excited to say that Matt raced in his first 1/2 marathon today!!! He finished strong, happy (a little tired), and 20 MINUTES before his estimated finishing time. (I guess he guessed conservatively :-) but it was his first so.....

There are some articles and pictures here: although I have yet to find Matt in anything. He ran with a great friend of his from high school, Robert who flew here for a visit, and for the race with his sweet girlfriend, Meredith. Pictures to follow, but feel free to drop by facebook and give Matt your congratulations. He is totally pumped and pretty tired! :-)

We are SO proud of him and are hoping to make the next one a family affair (umm....if it is at least 4 months or more away :-)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Is it Still Today??

Today is one of those days, where you just know, even in the morning hours that it is going to be a trying day.  :-)  

I had a dream last night, about a pot roast I was going to cook for dinner tonight.  I think that has to be a sign that domesticity has beaten me down.  I'm not dreaming about exploring the world, or even having old nightmares about not studying for a test or turning in an assignment, I'm dreaming about cooking pot roasts for dinner.   *sigh*

This morning as I was changing Joey I asked him "what do you want for breakfast?"  he said.  "No." 

I noticed that my favorite wind chime that I brought home from Chile (it makes the most beautiful sounds outside of my kitchen window) had been blown down when I found Ziggy chewing on pieces of it.  
It's made of glass.  
Glass, people, glass.

When I went down to pick up the pieces of my broken chime *sniffle* I saw Ziggy eat a doggie doodoo that was laying in the yard.  *sigh*  Can a dog be banished outside for grossness?  What do you do then?  Wash out his mouth?  Try to remember not to let him lick you..... EVER AGAIN??  

I think when everyone takes a nap, I might just go to bed and when I wake up, pretend it's tomorrow...

**Update**  I had Matt read my "funny" post and he said.... "that's kinda sad."  so I thought I should say that it was all in good humor.  I'm pretty sure my windchime is glueable (um, except whatever Ziggy ate).   I am told that in fact I am not making dinner because Matt has promised pizza to visiting friends, Joey enjoyed his breakfast and is playing with his toys, and Ziggy..... well the only thing different about today is that I actually saw him consume the poo.