Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ahh, Renovations...

I'm a little backed up, blogging about our home renovations. So, without detailing every picture, I'm just going to post a bunch of them and tell you here what they are. We have been focusing on Matt's studio. We have painted (it was beige-y colored with a big pink/maroon, wall) So we pained 3 walls white and one wall black. We still have to finish the majority of the ceiling and the area inside 2 of the 4 skylights. BUT..... last night and the night before we were able (through Craigslist of course) to get ride of the huge piece of carpet we pulled out and all of the tiles. We advertised them as free and said that someone had to get them all and we got rid of ALL OF IT!! (This was a sizeable amount of stuff - to get rid of it ourselves we would have had to borrow a truck for a whole day or rent a dumpster for the demo). Yea for Craigslist.

So here are pictures of some of that. We have our new floor (a very dark laminate) and now that the carpet is out, we'll paint the ceiling and put in the floor.

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