Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Importance of Sleep; (or) The Terrible Two(s); (or) The Nasty Summer Cold

I'm working on an update post now for the boys, but until then, a (funny??) story to tell you all about.

We were gone this weekend on a retreat with our church. A mommy friend told me that the kids always come home from these things sick. *Laurie laughs*

It's TRUE!!

So we came home and Joey started with his runny nose/sneezing and congestion the next day. He's been somewhat of a disciplinary challenge since then....Frequent temper tantrums.....real ones where he throws himself on the floor, throws toys, hits whoever is near him and then sobs with all of his dismay running down his cheeks (and out of his nose) all the while sneezing and wheezing and generally sounding miserable. It hasn't been a pretty picture folks!

Anyway, last night he went to bed at 7:30, and dropped asleep. Probably was asleep before he hit the mattress, and woke up at about 8:30 this morning. No lack of sleep here, but in the midst of playing in his room this morning starts to scream about something (not hurt) and throw a fit in his room. The baby was sleeping down the hall so I told him he had to stop crying or I would shut the door. Finally I ended up shutting the door, with him inside loose with all of his toys. Toys! Freedom!! No supervision!!

Apparently no one taught this child about the lure of unsupervised play yet. He proceeds to throw himself on the floor and SCREAM like he is aiming for a sore throat. After a minute or two I decided if he was that distraught the best thing would be to put him in his crib. I went in and told him that if he was that upset and angry, he probably needed a nap. He trotted over to his crib. No lie.

I put him in (about 20 minutes ago) and haven't heard a word since. So, the best I figure, either:

**He is battling this cold and needs lots of extra sleep. (or)
**He can throw a WICKED tantrum now that he is getting older and just plum wore himself out (or)
**He doesn't realize that room with toys and books = more fun than, room with toys and books out of reach while you are in your crib (or)
**He has secretly been tunneling out of his bedroom and saw this as a good opportunity to make a break for it. (Think Tim Robbins in Shawshank Redemption).

I may have lost an afternoon nap here, and I'm not sure who really won this battle, but all I know is, I have a few minutes to shower in peace!

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Herb of Grace said...

Yep. At moments like these, I think the wise thing is to just go with the shower...