Sunday, October 4, 2009

13 Miles....No Problem!

Well, I'm rushing to get this typed before it's time for church here, but I am excited to say that Matt raced in his first 1/2 marathon today!!! He finished strong, happy (a little tired), and 20 MINUTES before his estimated finishing time. (I guess he guessed conservatively :-) but it was his first so.....

There are some articles and pictures here: although I have yet to find Matt in anything. He ran with a great friend of his from high school, Robert who flew here for a visit, and for the race with his sweet girlfriend, Meredith. Pictures to follow, but feel free to drop by facebook and give Matt your congratulations. He is totally pumped and pretty tired! :-)

We are SO proud of him and are hoping to make the next one a family affair (umm....if it is at least 4 months or more away :-)


Sarah said...

Congratulations Matt, Robert & Meredith! Keep running!

Herb of Grace said...

I am SUPER impressed! Congrats :)