Friday, May 20, 2011

The Making of a Middle

In lieu of actually giving birth to a baby... I am going to write about my current baby, Matthew, a much promised blog about what is going on with him.
I had great fun looking at pictures of him to use to write this blog. I might have teared up a bit. I can't believe how big he has grown in 23 months and that at this age, Joey was already a big brother.

Matthew has been talking lots. He loves to try out new words and will try to say anything we ask him too, even if he mostly just hums the word. Some of his favorite words to say: "Jojo, where go? more, thank you, dinosaur (this is the newest), choo-choo, truck (cuck), hot, out, up, go, shoes, socks, uh-oh, see-ya" and I'm sure there are many more that I am forgetting about.

Our Matthew is a little comedian and loves to make us laugh. He loves to make Joey laugh and do ANYTHING that his big brother is doing. He must also HAVE anything that Joey has, from salt on his eggs, to the exact same toy at the exact same time.

Matthew sleeps well, but markedly less than Joey at the same age. We have to wake him after no more than a 2 hour nap, and even with that, he can easily go to bed at 8 or 8:30 and wake well rested at 7. He often rocks himself to sleep or shakes the crib (sometimes with eyes half open). He seems to go to sleep best with a car or two and he'll lay on his side and make his "vehicle moving" sound until he lulls himself to sleep. He's pretty relaxed about his waking up and seems to need some time in his crib to play before we get him up, which works well for us.

He loves to eat. Loves. It's so nice after Joey being a bit smaller and a little less eager to eat. Matthew's favorite foods are meats and fruits. He'll pick lunch meat and cheese out of a sandwich first and eat any fruit first (of course), but he's great about his veggies, and very willingly will eat, peas, beans, broccoli, salads, beets, and cooked veggies, like peppers, and zucchinis. He does NOT like potatoes in any form, french fried or baked or even in hash brown form. Weirdo.

His favorite toys are trucks, and especially fire trucks. Truck books, actual trucks, shows about trucks, just driving around and seeing trucks. He's not too crazy about books yet, and not that into coloring or play-doh but give him wheels and he is a happy guy!

While I still wouldn't put him in the same category of management as say, the dog, he is nowhere near as compliant as Joey at the same age. He's just as likely to run away laughing when we tell him to "come here" as he is to actually come, and obedience is more of a teaching process for him. He's also a very emotional little guy and while the highs and lows come and go quickly, taking a toy often looks just like cutting off a limb for 30 seconds, and a good trip down the slide can be akin to a brand new toy.

Even though he's been walking since he was 15 months old he is still ECSTATIC to get out of the house/stroller/shopping cart etc, and be free to run without holding on to a hand. He gets a look of glee on his face and takes off and can go He is a little turbo and sometimes I am afraid to blink.

I'm afraid with the 3rd coming that I have learned all too well how quickly it goes from the first gaze, to the first steps, to the first haircut, and word and sentence and all of a sudden the baby who you waited so long for has become a preschooler. I cannot wait for Baby Beardsley #3 to come, but I am so glad for every day where my soon-to-be middle child, is still my youngest baby. He is precious and so dear to Matt and I. His smiling face is like nothing I have ever seen and boy, can he make us laugh! I can't imagine not having my "Matthew in the Middle" and I hope he will always know how special he is to us.


Herb of Grace said...

Oh. My. Word. I can't believe how big he is! You just made me SO SAD that I don't get to watch your babies growing up :( I get to talk to you often and feel like you're still a part of my life, but ohmyheart, I MISS YOUR BABIES.


Herb of Grace said...

P.S. I'm sorry. I've just decided. I can't take it any more. You may NOT have any more babies till you move back to the East Coast. That's just all there is to it. The only solution.

Herb of Grace said...

PPS. That's why this latest one is taking so long. He's waiting till you move back here.... :P

Rebecca said...

love that picture with you two in the sunlight! also, how can he not like potatoes? I agree with you- weirdo!

Lexie Mullins said...

this post made me tear up and my hear t swell!! so good!!! i can't believe he's almost 2!! isn't that the firetruck we gave joey for his 2nd (or was it 3rd?) bday? and HE'S TALKING!! Oh boy. Sad here too like Lisi that we are not there to see the BBBs grow up. Thanks for finally posting!! I've been checking almost everyday and had to do a double take when I saw this today! What sweet precious boys you have. Can't wait to see all THREE of them in a couple months!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Susannah Forshey said...

Aw....I want my girls to marry your boys. :) Funny how the second born is so apt to throw you a curve ball. We got used to Violet's emotionally-strong, obedient personality, while Grace was much more prone to the sensitivity--emotional highs and lows. Violet, now, is more strong-WILLED than just "strong".....and Grace's emotionality translates to "just look at her and say, 'no' and she cries". So, it balanced out in the end. :) One thing is for sure, they're always changing!

P.S. Your boys are The. Cutest. boys I have ever laid eyes on. Totally serious.

Grammy said...

Oh, Laurie! Such a work of love. He may be Matthew in the Middle, but he's our special boy. I can't wait -- Grouchy and I will come bearing fire equipment. Love, Grammy

PS-- I think that anti-potatoes thing must be a genetic mutation.