Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Indecent Post - (you've been warned!!)

On Sunday after church Matt and I went for a walk and picnic at Oakland's Lake Merritt. Matt was taking pictures of a new Catholic Cathedral, Christ the Light, going up at the lake with an interesting architectural design. So after heading to church really early (Matt was leading worship) we drove over to the park and had our picnic. After Matt had taken his shots we decided to walk around a little bit. We saw some.....interesting sites that I would like to share. Please bear in mind, we live in California now.

* A group of guys who were painted to look like Tigers floating a raft on the lake (read Life of Pi anyone??)
* A needle floating in the water (like hypodermic)
* A man sunbathing in a thong
* Large numbers of people walking (carrying) increasingly smaller dogs
* A Hippie convent!! (ok - well it was just a group of hippie looking people hanging out, but there was definitely a very strange looking bus, similar to this one and it smelled like a LOT of pot.)
* A man wheeling a suitcase who started whistling and stray cats came running out from the trees and bushes and then he fed them fancy feast

There were also many normal things we saw around the path, people jogging, families out with their kids, and bike riders, but I had alot more fun looking at all the things that I don't think I would have seen anywhere else.

Matt even said that seeing a man sunbathing in his thong would raise a few eyebrows in Asheville, which is really saying something! ;-)

Well sorry folks. I couldn't help it. I think it's hysterical:
Almost as funny as me going "Matt!!! get a picture...take a picture!!" Gotta document the freaky stuff out here. By the way, what makes this all the weirder... when we walked back by the spot there was a guy in casual clothes leaving the grass with a backpack and I was like "was that thong guy???" and Matt said it was, but he was wearing totally normal clothes. I expected him to be in some freaky thing like pink leopard print tights, but he just looked like a normal 30-something guy headed to meet friends or something. He probably lives out in the suburbs like us, but goes into the city on weekends to show off his freakyness.


Susi said...

That is HILARIOUS! Leave it to Laurie to post that picture!!! Btw, we have those hippie conventions up here, too. Sometimes they even gather to protest the war outside the Gate @ Ft. Lewis--them and the Nazis. Gotta love the West, eh?

JRob said...

I love this story and the visual aid! Thanks for this wonderful blog.

Herb of Grace said...

Hysterical! I sure do miss you and your kooky sense of humor, girl...