Friday, July 25, 2008

My Goal

So I am awfully, terribly, blogging-backed up. :-(

I have so many pictures and things to talk about, that I have fallen completely behind.

Right now, Matt is off taking pictures of a wedding in San Luis Obispo. This is an exciting and (a wee bit) sad weekend for us. Exciting because we have lots and lots of weddings in the next few months, and he is getting more requests for fall, winter and spring weddings, everyday. Yesterday he had 2 client meetings in 1 day! That's great! And sad because in (almost) 2 years of marriage, we haven't ever spent a night apart. I'm so glad that the business is successful and so, SO proud of my hard-working husband.... BUT I miss him! I know some of you will have to "pooh pooh" a couple nights apart, but I love having him around and Joey and I can't wait until Sunday afternoon when we can see him again.

And all that leads me to...some serious blogging catching up. Joey and I did have some plans. We were going to hang out with our friend (and fellow new-mommy) Sarah. But alas, Sarah and her husband Ryan are bringing little baby Notch into the world tonight or tomorrow so they are now at the hospital. Very exciting also!

I'm hoping to catch up on:
Our trip back to the East Coast
Our CA visitors
What Joey is doing now
Lots of Fun old/new pictures
And maybe introduce....our new friend BBNotch (whose name we might know soon :-)

So stay tuned.....

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