Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Visit to Harrisonburg

After a fun time in Asheville, we stopped in Harrisonburg for a visit with Laura and Myers Carpenter (our very very VERY gracious hosts) Lisi and Jeremiah Forshey, and everyone's respective children! Here are some pictures:

Learning about sharing...

And giving up...

Many Mommies:

Matt said it was harder to get the mommies to smile than the kids!

Joey meets a pretty younger woman!

Lisi in the ultra-important role of happy-child-maintainer-in-charge-of-handing-out-Cheeze-It's.

An all-important trip to Kline's.

We had a great time and did so much more than I have pictures to prove, with 3 babies and 1 older child (Sofi is so grown up now!) we had our hands full juggling meals, naps and outings, but managed to make it, in a day and a half, to the pool, the Green Valley Book Fair :-), have a BBQ and stay up talking until the wee hours of the morning, play some Wii, and go to Kline's. I also visited the dayschool that I taught at until Matt and I were married. Laura and Myers were such great hosts and I can't wait to go back!! This trip was a great encouragement to me, full of lots of laughter and some great female bonding. I miss you guys!!

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Herb of Grace said...

man, we miss you guys already. Judah is getting much better about sharing after a week with Violet ;)