Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two Stamps

Yesterday, Matt and I celebrated our second anniversary. This year has been quite a year for us. Matt began grad school, we had our first child, we joined a new church, we traveled (with said baby, not too easy a feat), and started a photography business. whew, I'm tired just thinking about it! I know there are more things that I am forgetting but....

It's been an amazing year! There has been much learning, continuing to learn how to be married (one of our pre-martial counselors told us that it takes between 3-5 years to build a strong marriage, and we are hoping we are well on the way), learning how to be parents (a lesson that never ends I imagine), learning how to live in the most wickedly expensive state in the country (hopefully we won't be learning about this for forever)!

Yesterday we drove down to Santa Cruz to the beach. We ate lunch and stayed on the beach for a while, giving Joey his first dip in the ocean and time playing in the sand. He LOVED it! (pictures to follow). In the later afternoon Matt met a client (whose wedding he'll photograph in April) at her wedding/reception site for a few minutes and then we all went out for a glass of wine. Matt and I cruised some Santa Cruise shops afterward, and finished with THE BEST sushi dinner ever! It was a great day. Joey was a trooper (not really getting in his naps), staying cheery and happy even though we were out late. It was great to spend a day out, together as a family.

I am so happy with our marriage, our little family and our life. I feel very grateful to have a husband as sweet and caring as mine. Matt has worked very hard to help the business take off and support us as a family. The other day he said... that he was really doing something now that he thought he was good at, and that he liked. Well he is terrific at his photography, and it makes him happy, and me happy. We are very richly blessed in our life. What a second year! I can't wait for more!


Herb of Grace said...

Congratulations!! What an awesome veil you had!! It's really beautiful...


Here's wishing you at least 75 more wonderful years :)

Laurie said...

Happy Anniversary! What a full two years - I think you have been on the fast track to a strong marriage with all that going on! You all can write a book for everyone else in a few more years and you'll have as much experience and wisdom to spout as a couple of 20 years(and it will be just one more thing in your list of what you did that year and no one will be surprised!)

We enjoyed seeing you guys so much way back whenever it was....sometime this summer I know. Joey is adorable - love the beach photos!