Saturday, August 23, 2008

Virginia in California

One of the most exciting things (at least for me!) this summer, was a visit from my dear friends the Karunakaran's, here in CA. The Karunakaran family are friends from Harrisonburg, and Covenant Presbyterian (my church in VA). I lived with their family before I moved to Honduras, and again (they weren't sick of me yet!) before Matt and I were married. They are so special to me!!

When we were visiting the East Coast a few weeks ago, we found out that they weren't in Harrisonburg, and we wouldn't get to visit with them there, like we usually did. Fortunately for us, they were on a tour of the West Coast and were flying out of San Francisco! After arriving on a Saturday night (they had plans to leave Monday morning) they came with us to church on Sunday, and later that day we visited the Jelly Belly factory. We also celebrated Susie's birthday on Sunday night with some cake and sparklers! Come Monday Susie, Miriam and Bethany wanted to stay with us (they were flying out of S.F. on Tuesday evening) and we convinced Dan and Eva to enjoy a night by themselves at their last stop (just a few hours away). Matt graciously watched Joey all of Monday while the three girls and I went to the mall, "Waterworld" (a great water park), and to see Journey to the Center of the Earth. These girls are such a joy for me to spend time with!!

On Tuesday when Dan and Eva returned, after some packing, we all trooped off to visit Chinatown in the city. We had a great time poking in shops and trying on clothes and after a great meal we said a sad goodbye. :-( Although we were hoping they might miss their flight and have to stay longer.... they made it. ;-)

Miriam and Joey at the Jelly Belly Factory

Matt and Joey sporting their ultra-cool J.B. hats

Dan and Eva!

Are 3 pretty girls too much for our little man to handle..... definitely not!

The birthday girl even let Mocha play with some of her ribbons...

Tuesday morning while the girls recovered from our late night, 3-D, movie adventure, Eva and I did a little shopping... Dan and Eva were so generous with us and wanted to buy Joey a present. All of the Karunakaran children enjoyed their walker so much, that we searched high and low for a walker for Joey. Joey really likes his walker now, and it's great to have, since we gave away all his baby-baby things. Here is a picture of Mocha enjoying the just-assembled walker while Joey was napping...

Joey also got another present! I know, so exciting. The Karunakarans bought Joey the Peek-A-Blocks, learning blocks. (I think these are really amazing!!)

They each have a letter on them, and then something inside that begins with the letter. The "K" has keys inside that move and rattle, the "P" has a penguin with falling snow, the "H" has a horse that you can turn. Joey loves to knock over the blocks when they have been stacked up. He appreciated the presents so much!! Thanks you guys!!

We had a really great time, the whole time they were visiting! I can't wait to see them when we are in Harrisonburg again! The girls were a great help with Joey and he had such a fun time playing with them. Matt taught everyone to play guitar hero, and he had a great time playing with them also! I can't rave enough about this visit. I'm still sad it had to end!

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