Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Citrus Trees and a Project

We are really lucky to live in a place where we can grow, in our own yard, citrus fruit! Last week as a housewarming present to ourselves, we bought a grapefruit and orange tree. Our last house had a great lemon tree and we loved having it.
Here is a picture of our new trees:

The great part is, they weren't expensive, and they will grow and produce fruit. The bugs here are so minimal that the climate is ideal for growing!! Which brings me to my project. The side of our backyard was full of some overgrown bushes, LOTS of rusty yard "ornaments", toys, and other randomness under said bushes. I spent my last day off, digging, pulling, panting and wrestling these beasties out of the yard. Here are some in-process pictures:

This is the area that was going to be gutted. At first I thought I'd be removing 3 plants....

Here I've removed the first. Much harder than I thought!

4 out now. Already more than I thought were even there. The last one on the left turned out to be 2, 1 very large one, and 1 tiny one.

And here's the spot now that it's all gone. Now we have a place for some plants and our great citrus trees. I had a really good time doing this. It's really neat to know that you are working on something that belongs to your family! I can't wait to show some pictures of the yard later on. And another cool thing is, even though we don't have the cold cold weather and the snow :-( We are able to plant vegetables and flowers (different kinds) all year long!! Stay tuned for pictures of lettuce and broccoli plants!!


Susannah Forshey said...

Go, Laurie!

I wish it was warm enough up here to plant outdoors. Ben built me a cold frame for lettuces this winter, so at least we'll have a little bit. :)

The Sinks said...

Oh man, as it's seriously like 30-some degrees here today, I must say I am jealous! Just yesterday I walked out to the back yard and realized all the gardening I need to do (pulling up old, dead plants) and saw our poor vegetable garden that is now all dead, and I got sad that we won't have anymore fresh produce of our own...

Tabitha said...

Great job! It looks great now after lots of hard work! Wish we had citrus trees to plant here. We did have a pear tree across the street from our apartment that we enjoy the fruit from this year! That was really fun! :)