Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our Halloween

Matt and I carved a couple of pumpkins....

Joey helped us, by holding some of the candy we were going to pass out later. When we got to the neighborhood where we were going trick or treating, we found out that Joey likes chocolate!

I guess that's what teeth are for!

Then we put on Joey's costume. It was lent to us, by the people that I babysit for.

Joey had a great time! Last year he was only a few months old, so we stayed home and passed out candy, but this year, he really got the hang of it. Even though he couldn't say "trick or treat" he learned to pick out a piece of candy from the bowl and even got to eat a little in the end. He loved watching all the kids walk around in their costumes, and was cheery far past bedtime. We all had lots of fun!

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Sarah said...

Awe, I bet the teenage Joey will have a few laughs when he sees pictures of himself as a sunflower. Did you see us as fuzzy dice? Miss you guys. Thanksgiving plans?