Friday, May 1, 2009

*Blah Day

You know those days....

Blah blah.
You sit down on the toilet. Paper's gone.
You spill your coffee.
Your child spills.....everything.
You have to pay bills.

Nothing seems to go your way.
And it's raining...

And then you realize that the videos you checked out of the library are due that afternoon, in 18 minutes to be exact and your child is napping. Your husband is out. So you contemplate $3 in late video charges, vs. grumpy child for remainder of day.

Good time to wonder why you are blogging when you should be waking said grumpy child to drag him to library since you paid bills and know that there isn't a spare $3 anywhere. ;-)

I'll be going now...


La Familia Garcia said...

oh yeah, one of those days!
At least it feels better to get it out in blog form!

Herb of Grace said...

Sorry .... :(