Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Electrical Plug Safety Covers

Today I watched Joey take a cord out of the wall socket it was plugged (very securely) into by pulling very hard. He then picked up the safety cover which was on the table nearby and stuck it back in the socket. Then, changing his mind about any impending danger, he pulled the safety cover back out, and plugged the cord (that was in the wall) back in.....three pronged cord and all.

So, either we will be changing our rules, or we will be replacing all the safety covers in the house.

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The Liebers said...

But thing of the hand-eye coordination and small motor skills he is exhibiting!! BTW, they make something that you replace to whole outliet plate with. The part with the holes rotates so that nothing lines up when it is not in use. We are using them in the young twos room at Freedom because those kids used to take out all the outlet covers, too. I don't think they have these things figured out (yet!)