Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday....

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I have not gotten repeatedly exasperated with our giant puppy in the last few weeks, especially after he chewed up Matty's coming-home-from-the-hospital hat and has decided that the bottom of the bassinet (where we keep the newborn clothes) is a great place to find nice things to chew on.

I definitely did not whine about him so much that I was worried our family all thought I didn't like him. I promise I love our puppy, he just makes me a little nuts! That's ok right?? We do have a new baby and a bumbling-ogre dog frolicking around the house.

I am not planning on leaving Joey in his p.j.s until naptime and (of course myself staying in mine too) and taking a GIANT NAP then! To get Joey to take said GIANT NAP so that I can take a GIANT NAP I am not trying to figure out how to wear him out without actually leaving the house, or really doing anything. (This may be tricky) I am also not secretly thrilled that he very interestedly watched 10 minutes of Dora the Explorer and let me type this, because he rarely is engaged enough to stop and watch anything!

Since Matt does so much work on our business and taking care of us in general, this morning I did not actually think in my head "Why do I have to get up to take care of both kids and he can sleep if we go to bed at the same time!!" It would be wrong of me to begrudge him a morning here and there...

And Lastly... This morning after the last of our family (Matt's mom) left for the airport, we (I) did not temporarily panic when the baby wouldn't settle between 6 and 7. I did not really really panic when Joey woke up during that time also (much earlier than he is ever up) thinking that now that it was just Matt and I, these kids were going to go crazy! (Goodbye mornings of sleeping until 8:30 *waving sadly*) and especially definitely did not panic since Matthew has literally slept like he has been in a coma since he was born and we certainly have NO complaining to do, so to worry over an hour of restlessness in 3 weeks for a second child would simply be silly. As a mom with a newborn and a 21 month old, it would be wrong to even mention a rough morning when you still got 8 hours of sleep.

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ESC said...

I love the new picture of Matthew. He's so precious. I just want to cuddle him and smell the newborn smell.