Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday

Allow me to introduce you to my little friend.... the training collar. Muahahahahaha

Ok seriously, Matt told me about these collars months ago, before we even had Ziggy. A few weeks ago before we bought one, I finally understood why we needed it. We had just a regular...

dog collar. Easy opening, hassle-free dog collar. Then somewhere around 4 months or so, when he started getting bigger and more interested in, well, everything and everyone he started to pull and pull and PULL....until walking this (sometimes gentle) giant became akin to being pulled by a team of huskies. He sounded AWFUL too, like he was being strangled down the street. Enter the training collar. These lovely little prongs are flat on the end, not spiky. If he is walking normally (as he is being trained to do) next to you, then the prongs lay flat (for the most part) along his neck, they don't dig in or even bother him, but if he pulls, then they poke him in the neck. They aren't painful, just annoying and a reminder to him to walk next to the person walking him. If he won't move when we call him or is trying to pull off in the direction of a person he wants to visit with, usually a verbal reminder will get him moving now, or a quick pull. This type of training collar is supposed to be more humane, really, because it keeps them from (constantly) choking themselves!

Happy Walking!


The Liebers said...

WOW! Do they make those for children?? :)

Mark and Kristin said...

We use a prong collar for our dog really does make a difference in pulling during walks.

elisa said...

Hahahahahaha.... "do they make these for children"....*rolls on the floor hysterically*

We sure needed one of these with Lucky!

Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...


The Crabtrees said...

HUGE, fast growing dog!

Congratulations you guys, happy for you. Blessing on little Matt and all your family. I think our pup, who now is the owner of David, oh, well, I guess David is the owner of her, needs that kind of collar, seriously...she chokes herself silly,she is so hyper, and she is only 20 ish pounds. She has a smashed face so she can't breath well when she does it. Congrats again. Your family is beautiful. Love, Carol