Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It's been so long since I've even participated in a Not Me Monday, because I am very nearly perfect, and haven't had anything that I thought worth mentioning :-) and definitely NOT because I always "write" the 'not-me's' in my head and never bother to write them somewhere where I can find them come Monday. 

Because I am nearly perfect, I am definitely not writing this so late Monday evening that no one will even read it until Tuesday.  I am blogging late because I had to put all of my kiddos to bed at small-child-appropriate-times, with a nutritious dinner in their bellies.  It's late enough here that all of my children, of COURSE, are definitely in bed, and none are finishing up said dinner.  no WAY!

If I did have a pokey eater finishing dinner I definitely wouldn't have used a piece of Halloween candy to "help" him get his food down.  Now what kind of lesson would that be teaching, honestly!

Probably the same kind of lesson you'd be teaching if you didn't give him your full attention and instead decided to blog.  Probably.

My 2 year old is in his p.j.s ready for bed and that of course, would be because, being the responsible parent that I am, I have prepared him to sleep and NOT because he wore his pj's all day today.  I would never let my child do that!  *gasp*  If I were going to let him stay in pj's all day, I wouldn't bother taking off the bottoms to put overalls on for a trip to the store and then putting the pajama bottoms back on for naptime.  If I were so LAZY, as to leave him in pajamas then I wouldn't change those old pajamas into new pajamas just before bedtime so he wouldn't have to sleep in the same thing that he wore all day (and slept in the night before).  If that was icky enough to bother me, then I definitely wouldn't let him wear pajamas all day in the first place.  I'm glad we straightened that out!

Since it is 7:55 p.m. here I am NOT drinking caffeinated coffee.  Because that would be RIDICULOUS.  I'm not drinking it because I nagged my husband yesterday to make more coffee and told him that he hadn't made enough and then when he very graciously DID make more today, completely slack off on my end of the drinking.  

Ok, that's about it.  Me and my highly caffeinated self are going to be folding about 13 loads of laundry tonight and then maybe the magic laundry elves will come and put it away for me.  :-)
Here's hoping...


Lexie said...

you make me laugh and smile, laurie. hope the laundry elves visit your house and mine to wash and fold it!

Susannah Forshey said...

Awww, Laurie! That was SO funny! You're the Queen of "Not Me's" :D Hilarious!!

Herb of Grace said...

Laundry elves are REAL???? Why has no one told me about this before!! Send them to my house next!