Sunday, November 1, 2009

Photo Dump: Berkeley Kite Festival

I'm so far behind in blogging. Here's a recap of our Mid-September through now:
Joey turns 2, celebrate as family
Joey has birthday party, lotsa food
Matt runs 1/2 marathon, does GREAT!!
All 4 Oakland Beardsleys visit Uncle Rob in L.A. Do not see Brangelina :-(
Come home, Matt works ALOT
Host Baby shower for good friends, Matt finishes summer/fall wedding shooting, yea!!
Matt works more, lots of school, lots of business. Keep same netflix videos for 2 months and have no time to watch them.
Matt's parents come for visit. Eat, Drink, Be Merry, Get Spoiled. :-)
Baptize Matthew at Christ Church. love him!
Matt's parents depart, Matt's sister visits....
Matt's sister leaves to visit brother in L.A.
Go Trick or Treating with friends in Concord. Joey begs, signs "more" and is generally cute and gets ridiculous amount of candy. Mom and Dad select pieces that are no good for toddlers. Interestingly we find that more pieces are appropriate for Mommies and Daddies than Joeys. Mmmm.

(and now we are at today: Matt plays guitar at church, Membership class tonight, Jessie returns to our house tomorrow and 12-week 1/2 marathon schedule starts. GYM.)

There's been more I know, but it would be hard to insert it all. Just next to every line picture: *sweep floor, grocery shop, wash laundry, sweep floor, change diapers, sweep floor, fold laundry, wash diapers, sweep floor, walk giant dog/horse* I'm not even going to act like, clean bathrooms, dust or put away laundry is on that list ;-)

So here's an old photo dump from shortly after Matthew was born. Matt really enjoys kites and kite flying so we headed out to Berkeley for the annual kite flying festival. It was full of pretty cool demos, real competitive teams and gigantic kites. It was VERY windy, which made it seem kind of cold, but all-in-all it was pretty cool!

I wish I had better pictures because there were hundreds of kites, but most of them were pretty high up and like I said, it was REALLY windy.


Daniel and Kimberly Jordan said...

I'm feelin' ya on being behind in blogging!! It seems the busier we are, the more we have to blog about, and the less time we have to do it!! I'm hoping to get some done the next week or 2--after last week's craft show, before the holidays...

Herb of Grace said...

Helloooo! You ARE still in the land of the living :)

Missed you!

Lexie said...

Laurie-you're gonna run a 1/2 marathon? Am I reading that correctly? Wish I could train with ya! You go girl!

Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

Oh Lexie, you can! I'm going to run the Kaiser 1/2 (and Matt is too, I think). I can give you more details, but for now, it's on Feb. 7, about 12 weeks from today!

Uncle Baba said...

don't forget that you saw paris hilton on rodeo drive in LA! that's your story and you're sticking to it.