Saturday, January 9, 2010

What Were You Doing This Morning...?

This morning I had so much fun sending out my "Christmas" cards playing with my family at the lake.

We took a half ton of stale bread, and bread ends that I had been saving in the freezer and had a great time feeding the hungry, cold, fat ducks. I wonder how hungry and cold they really are here.

Eventually the temptation was too great for the duck's stale bread.... But on the upside, Joey was halfway finished with lunch by the time we got home!

In this video Joey lets the ducks eat from his hand (which you can't see too well since his head is in the way).

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ESC said...

This is a really cute family you have featured in your post. The very fist picture could be an LL Bean catalog. Forget the Christmas cards - just keep blogging! :)