Monday, April 26, 2010

Definitely NOT Me Monday

Good morning everyone!  If you are a member of PETA, please, read no further.

This morning I most certainly did not forget that there is wildlife in urban California as, on the end of my run, I almost tripped over a SNAKE and jumped about 3 feet straight up in the air!  Of course if a snake did cause me to jump into the air from fright it would be because it was a giant man-eating anaconda, and not a helpless little garter snake.  ugh. wuss.

A moment after passing said GIANT MONSTER, I definitely did not remember that HEY!  I am a brave woman.  Hey I have BOYS.  I am a TEACHER.  I grew up with a snake loving brother and we had Pythons for heaven's sake.  I held them all the time!  I should go back and get him!!  I would never have turned around and looked for the snake and thought about taking him home, regardless of the fact that I was no where near my car and had nothing to bring it home in.  Anything for an educational experience right??  I was not considering just taking off my long-sleeved shirt and tying up the arms, etc. to bring him home in.
Thank goodness I didn't find him.  I may be a brave woman, but I am still a woman and what if he had gotten out in the car??  SHRIEK!

On my way home I definitely did not run over 2 birds in the middle of my lane.  There's not much more to say about that one.

If I had, tragically and unfortunately run over 2 birds on my way home, in an unavoidable fashion, I most certainly would not have looked in my rearview mirror at the CLOUD of feathers and thought about how sad it was, and then thought:  "but man, I LOVE this song, and I never hear it on the radio!  I'll just enjoy the song and then be sad about the birds."

Do you think I am an awful person yet?  If "yes". please stop reading.
If "no", feel free to continue.

I didn't...ummm..... search for a picture of bird feathers in a cloud because I like to illustrate my blog, using searches like "dead birds" "flying cloud of bird feathers" and "run over bird".  

I'm not sad that I didn't find a good shot of the feather bomb that must have gone off,  in the window of the car behind me.

After enjoying my song.... I didn't forget about the birds.  You know, from 2 minutes before.

And I'm not way more concerned that you guys are going to judge me for liking loving country music than for killing 2 birds.

whew.  I feel a little lighter!  Small animals of Oakland, beware!  I might go to the grocery store later!


Natasha said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one dealing with critters. I went to open the blinds this morning and out jumped a spider. I did not contemplate over whether to kill it and open the blinds or let it be and just turn on the light. I HATE SPIDERS! I decided I needed a little natural light and got toilet paper to smoosh him. I was so glad my gag reflex did not kick in!

As far as driving, I don't have problems with wildlife, only my husbands car and our trash cans.

Herb of Grace said...


Shea Gilbert said...

WOW! :) I love how you write exactly how you have a conversation.....
what was the song?