Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun Times

It's been a busy month since I left you.  Sorry to be SO totally bad at keeping up with the blog after my promise to blog everyday.  I guess the balance is in finding something in between posting everyday and posting every month...

So here are a few snapshots of our life in the last month.  It's been busy to say the least...

Month in review...... aaand go:

Friend Chris visits, Have fun, Joey poops on him, make mistake about when Matt's parents are coming to visit, have overlap with Chris and Beardsley family - good times hopefully had by all, Matt goes to Ski with Rob and Dad, Beardsley ladies *minus Jessie, missed you!* hang out, Laurie gets some free time (Thank you Kay!!), go to Academy of Sciences with Beardsleys, fun visit, Beardsleys leave, Fly kites with Rob, Drink with Rob, Rob leaves, test out new bike trailer (fits 2 kids!!, found on craigslist cheap!!), Joey wears training pants sometimes, no potty training yet, but pre-potty training is great!, Mocha and Ziggy up to their usual craziness, start watching some little girls from church, second income helpful, church buys a new building = BIG DEAL!!  Congratulations to Christ Church!!, Baby Matthew remains cute, rolls everywhere but no crawling yet, Matt has birthday and gets many fun toys including an iphone and cool pasta maker, make lots of fusili, have giant bee hive removed from side of the house, costs a zillion dollars and has a TON of honeycomb.  Consider going into obviously lucrative bee removal business.  whew

Intersperse Matt's classes, the business, my mom's group and babysitting, and our community group and church obligations, and the occasional housecleaning and laundry doing (but not putting away) and you have a month in the life of the Beardsleys.  We may not be South American missionaries anymore, but we are definitely


Beardsleys In Action!

Anyone want any honey?


La Familia Garcia said...

oh wow that would explain your lack of blogging since your blogging streak. And baby Matthew definately has his grandpa's eyes!

spacehelmet said...

WE would LOVE some honey! I love the stuff! You are a pretty great photographer by the way, I love the framing of Rob, Matt, and Joey flying the kite!

Rebecca said...

that bee hive was crazy! such a busy month!