Monday, May 10, 2010

Not Me Monday

Ahhhh, "not me's". The time every week where I question whether or not honesty really is "the best policy".

This morning I did not gripe and moan when Matt suggested that he take the laptop to his business meeting at the last minute. I wouldn't gripe and moan because I was actually babysitting, and OF COURSE I wouldn't have time to blog, and do other various (useless) things on the internet because I was attentively watching Joey's little friends. I most certainly gave him the laptop with joy and am not upstairs blogging on the desktop right now.

I did not plan on keeping my youngest home from church yesterday because of his very croupy cough, but then take him out to a street festival so we could celebrate the day. If he had something to pass on to other little kiddos at church, I wouldn't expose him to the general public. Not me!

When we had friends for dinner on Saturday night and I was showing off my new wall art while I was changing the baby's diaper, I did not specifically think "I HAVE to remember to wash my hands after this!" (especially since I was in the kitchen getting the boys dinner). Since I wash my hands after EVERY diaper change I wouldn't NEED to "remind" myself something like that, AND after a reminder I certainly wouldn't forget.
....and also I didn't agonize for several minutes, 2 days later when I remembered and wrack my brain trying to think of what I did next and whether I touched food and whether I touched OTHER people's food. *disgusted shiver*
*waves at friend Sarah*

**Qualification for the next one** I sweep and vacuum regularly if not more often than average. The dog hair is just indescribable. Sometimes it really gets me down. *sigh* Please see THIS WEBSITE for more information, particularly: "shedding/grooming" "Not for" (ha!) "Cons" and "General Info"

This morning (while babysitting), I certainly did not tell my oldest little charge (6 years.) when she asked why there was dog hair in her food (which she brought from home), that it probably "came from her, or dropped out of her hair or off of her sleeve, since she had been sitting/laying on our floor". Surely if our own living room floor isn't fit to be trod/sat/laid upon, I would simply apologize and say "I don't know". I would not feel defensive about the amount of hair, TO A SIX YEAR OLD, and basically blame our messiness on her choice of play area.

I also most certainly did not suggest that OBSCENE levels of hair just "go along with having a dog" and maybe "you wouldn't want a dog" if you minded hair in your food. ugh. ugh me.

I'm going downstairs to vacuum now.

please don't judge me. *pitiful look*

*in looking for a good picture of an overwhelming pile of dog hair, to make you all feel sorry for me, I did not uncover this website, and briefly consider selling Ziggy's hair to people practicing HooDoo.

I'm joking people!!!

Oh lastly.....

I haven't watched this video like 4 times (since I saw it on my friend Susi's blog). We (Matt and I) haven't watched it together and laughed/lusted after the swagger wagon. We haven't been talking about Susi's amazing minivan since she visited last year. mmmmm Sienna...... (ohmygosh if you're going to watch this, double click and go to youtube to view it so your picture isn't cut in half. it's so hilarious)

We. (Seriously!) Matt fell in love with this van! He still talks about it!!


Susannah Forshey said...

Great post. Still laughing over the dog hair and the 6 year old! WAHAHAHAAA!!!

Herb of Grace said...


Sarah said...

Thanks for the laughs, fur balls, swagger wagon and all!

Sarah said...

Ewwww!!!! (just kidding) *waves back* :)