Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thank You

Thank you Lord, for a sweet husband who is willing to wake up early, drive me and the boys into the city and wait while I run. Thank you.

Thank you for my sweet friend whose husband is serving overseas and about to come home. Thank you for all he is doing for our country, for us all. Thank you for his willingness to serve as a light pointing others to you.

Thank you for nice weather, and steep hills that I don't have to walk anymore!

Thank you for loving friends and family to surround each other in tragedy, to pray, comfort, and care for one another.

Thank you Lord, for a body that can move, run, jump, and enjoy life. Thank you for a fun race this morning, for neon pink hair, tie-dyed pants and not seeing too many naked people. Thank you!

Thank you for a wonderful church, for a family away from family. Thank you for giving us the chance to welcome others in.

Thank you for the sweet couple who sat next to us, as we ate after the race. Thank you for their willingness to talk about kids and teaching and wanting grandkids. Thank you for kind strangers who can become friends over a meal and snuggle my baby and make him smile when he is exhausted. Thank you for their unexpected kindness to us.

Thank you for neon hair dye, that washes out before church. Thank you.

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Rebecca said...

did you bay to breakers? good for you!!!