Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh. Yeah. Baby.

Let's just call this post, "Don't ask questions, you don't want answered."


This was all I had last night....

But tonight, I am proud to share:

My buddy Andrew!! He's been through the wringer. hahahaha.


hahahaha. alright, I'm done.

But after lots of good council (see comments). I know where to send my "mutilated currency". Oh Dept. of the Treasury people, you don't even know... (and there's a good chance, since I have more than 51% of it, and it's easily recognizable, that I can just take it to the bank.

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Never a dull moment around here friends...


Herb of Grace said...

*is laughing so hard she cannot even comment*

Mark, Kristin, and Eli said... You get major props for your dedication to the recovery of that hard-earned money! Too funny!

Lexie said...

OK so I'm going to have to keep up with you and the boys on here now, so I want more posts now!! This one is OLD NEWS!! MISS YOU!!!!!!! Give Joey and Matthew hugs and kisses for me!!