Wednesday, June 6, 2007

More Ministry!!

More exciting ministry news and events in this post!! We just have so much fun and cool stuff going on that it wasn't possible to fit it into one blog :-)

Here is a picture of one of our coolest ministry tools, our cat Mocha. People love to come over and play with him and enjoy cuddling with him. We are planning on bringing this little bundle of joy home with us on the 25th of June so please join us in our prayers to get him through the embassy and airport here and safely onto the plane. Let's hope his drugs work too!!!

Here are some pictures of the kids in our youth group from a retreat that we took them on in February. We went to a nearby beach and had a great time swimming in the freezing water, horseback riding, singing, and studying the Bible!

The theme of our retreat weekend was team-building so the kids worked on lots of different team projects and trust games. In the activity shown in the picture the youth had to pick one person to cross about 50 yards of sand without touching her teammates or the sand.
So those are some of the things that we do here in Santiago. In the last few weeks, we'll be mostly keeping to our normal schedule which is:

Tuesday: BLAST, 3rd - 5th graders at the International school, Nido, Bible activities, games and singing. Girl's senior high Bible Study led by Laurie on Tuesday night. Boy's senior high Bible Study, led by Matt, on Tuesday night.
Wednesday: Breakfast prayer meeting for church leadership
Friday night: FNO, (Friday Night Out) middle school youth group
Sunday: church (Matt plays on worship team), youth band practice, 2 hours in afternoon and Sunday night, senior high youth group.

We have a great time with all these activities and we will be so sorry to say goodbye. We also do some private teaching/tutoring during the weekdays. Matt teaches 5 guitar lessons a week (he is a much sought-after teacher!!!) and Laurie tutors elementary-schoolers for 6 hours each week.

So that's some of our life here. Hope you enjoyed!! We'll miss it, but we are looking forward to seeing all of our American friends and family again soon! Here are some pictures of us, just because....

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The Sinks said...

It's been neat reading more about your life in Chile. We hope to see ya'll when you're back in the States...are you going to be somewhere near VA anytime?