Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Best Friend had a BABY!! (no this is not a repeat post)

How blessed I am that my 2 best friends have both had babies in the past 3 weeks. CRAZY!! And I am having one in another 12 weeks. Even CRAZIER. I couldn't be more excited and thrilled. Tonight I'd like to annouce the arrival (on the 12th) of my friends, Becky and Tyler Rider's new little girl Eve Elaine. Please keep her mommy in your prayers as it was a tough birth and she will be recovering for a while. BUT, Becky's wonderful and caring mother and little sister are in town with her and Tyler and will be helping for some time. And wait until you see this baby!!! (Pictures are courtesy of Becky's blog until I get some others ;-)Can you believe all that hair?? And doesn't she look peaceful?? I think it is an amazing gift of God that a woman can go through all she does to give birth and then take so long to recover but the baby can be peaceful so soon, with no memory of the birth. What a testimony to the Lord's great love for us and His desire to show us the importance of His sacrifice for us, something that we will never feel quite as He did. Sleep peacefully Eve! I know your Mommy and Daddy can't wait to share His great love with you!
I really think you can see in this picture how much Eve looks like her Dad! Especially in her mouth! She looks great Tyler!! Congratulations!

This is a picture of Becky and I from my wedding last summer. She and Tyler came all the way from Kansas to be there, and Matt and I couldn't have been more thrilled. What great friends!

And lastly here are some adventures that Matt and I had with Becky and Tyler 2 summers ago. We (Matt and I) took a road trip and among lots of other great things, we got to visit them in Kansas, see their house, and farm, and jobs and even go to a rodeo in Dodge City. (Matt got some great shots there!) Here we all are 4-wheelin' out on the farm.

We even started a stampede... of sorts.

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