Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beardsleys Missing in Action

Wow!! It feels like we have been gone a LONG time, but I guess it's really just been 2 weeks. Advantages to being MIA in blogworld for 2 weeks.....getting to read all of the blogs that we've missed out on. So much has been happening!!

Well for us..... (sorry about the no picture part, we'll have some up here soon) our trip to San Francisco was GREAT. After the first few days of looking around we found the perfect place!!! For the next year we'll be renting (at the obscene rate of $1 million dollars a month ;-) a very cute little 3 bedroom house (come and visit us!!!!) in Martinez, California. After a great visit of the area and city, we headed back to the East Coast (mmmmm, humidity) and spent some time with my family for the 4th of July. We visited the Baltimore Inner Harbor and the aquarium and had some great seafood!! After a stop in Harrisonburg for a Baby shower for Elisa Forshey (and me, surprise!) thrown by Laura Carpenter we left for the beach in South Carolina with Matt's family, where we have been for 3 very relaxing days.

We'll be here at the beach until the 16th and then we'll have some fun pictures and stories to share of the past 3 weeks!! All in all (aside from a TON of traveling) we've had a great time visiting with friends and family. We're excited to get out to the West Coast to begin our new life as Californians, begin Grad School (Matt) and meet our son.

Thanks for your prayers and keep an eye out for more pictures and posts soon!

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Ben and Susi said...

You were at the beach in South Carolina?? I WAS AT THE BEACH IN SOUTH CAROLINA! From July 2 through the 12th! Ha!! I was at Isle of Palms, where were you?