Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ciao Santiago!

Now that we are semi-settled for a while in North Carolina (before the big, end-of-the-month move to San Francisco) here are some pictures of what was going on before/as we left Chile:

A few weeks before we were getting ready to leave, our good friends Jamie and Lexie left to travel around South America. They are from the Bay Area also and we are so excited to be reunited with them in a few weeks.

As we prepared to leave it was time for one of our important chores, bathing the cat. After much time, many mournful meows and a great deal of scratching, he really has gotten used to it. We give him a bath because it keeps our allergies down, and his shedding down and he really has adjusted. Here are some pictures of Mocha after his last bath, the day before we headed back to the states. He looks so happy!!

The day before we left we got a great present for the baby from our friends the Scotts. Chris Scott is a master seamstress and makes beautiful quilts. She let us pick out the fabric for the baby's quilt, which looks really fun (we think). Here are some pictures of the quilt being enjoyed by our friends the Moreno's children Dante and Kailah as we said goodbye to them. We were glad to see it being enjoyed immediately since it will be a few weeks yet before our little one can enjoy it!

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