Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kickin' it in Kansas

Ahhhh Kansas! So here we are, Matt, Jessie (Matt's sister) and I moving across the country. So far we've made it halfway!!!! Now we have a day and a half to relax in Kansas with our friends Becky, Tyler and their new baby girl, Eve. (Pictures to follow) It was a long day of driving yesterday....almost 14 hours!!! But we've made it safely and it looks like poor Mocha is returning to his normal self (he's playing right now with Eve's toys and Tyler). It's been a tough trip for him, and a learning process..... learning how to use a litter box in a moving car. Well, we're off to find some fun in Ness City but keep us in your prayers, we have some stops left in Salt Lake City and Reno and then it's home to Martinez, California!!!

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