Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hey Y'all,
Today, Laurie and I are chillin in the kitchen, with furniture piled around while the friendly carpet people give our house brand new, baby friendly floor cover. It's one more step to being fully up and running in our new West Coast Base of Operation. We're happy to say that the baby is doing A-OK. We've also found a really interesting church to be part of. It looks like even though we've left Chile, we're still on a Hot Mission Field. Check out All Nations Presbyterian Church at


Thanks for reading. Many Blessings!

Here we are at the Bay Area B-B-Q Cookoff! That big billboard-looking thing in the background is one of Texas's booths. It was some good eatin!

And our cozy new livingroom. You can see the kitchen in the background... and snazzy new sofas of course.

Now, a few pictures from our big road trip a couple weeks ago.... geeze it's a big country... Thanks JEZ, You Rock!

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Laurie said...

Those pictures with your cat are great - they have a surreal feeling to them!

You are brave - I'd be too chicken to take my cat out of the car.

I've got to send you a picture of our Oliver so you can see why I love your cat and I've not even met him. Oliver was very special to us...and I just love seeing an Ollie look-alike living it up :)