Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just a little tidbit!

We got a couch and loveseat today!! This is very exciting news for us because after long days of unpacking and doing other various undesirable moving duties it's either the floor or a kitchen chair, or on to bed so...... we've been dying to get some furniture! Well we were lucky enough to find a GREAT deal on some really pretty furniture. It's been showing in a model home so it is like new, but not new. Here is a shot of our new loot!!!
The table in the bottom left-hand corner is not ours, but both of the other pieces are. We are very excited!! Especially because we looked at something TWICE as expensive yesterday and not nearly as nice. So hopefully we'll be getting the furniture tomorrow....Matt and our friend Jamie are driving down to Union City to pick it up.

Today after our furniture extravaganza we helped Jamie and Lexie to unpack and move things around their apartment a bit. (They moved in this morning) We live about 20/25 minutes away from them and are so glad to have some friends nearby. Mocha especially has been missing Lexie since Chile ;-)

We are hoping to begin 2 of our most important jobs on Monday.....looking for some employment and looking for a doctor/hospital so please keep us in your prayers. Also we'll be looking for a great place to worship on Sunday. As for now we're enjoying settling into our new home and getting everything set up and put away.

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