Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Movin' into Martinez

Well here we are in Contra Costa County CA. Matt and I just got our public library cards and are making use of the free internet (eat that T*mobile) to do some catching up. We are hoping to have our internet tomorrow (Wednesday morning) and then we'll be in contact with everyone! Among other things we are working to finish unpacking (only a few boxes left!!!), find a doctor/hospital, get the rest of the utilities started (just phone remaining), and figure out where to put the 3 BILLION cardboard boxes that we brought with us ;-).

Matt's sister Jessie left on Sunday morning :-( but was a huge help to us. Actually, we literally could not have done it without her. Thanks Jessie!!!!! So.... after a few days of unpacking, broken up by returning our Penske truck, grocery and household shopping we're ready for some fun! In the next few days we're hoping to tour Matt's new school with one of the faculty members, talk with some doctors and visit with our friends Jamie and Lexie who move into their new house in North Oakland on Thursday!!

Please keep us in your prayers as we search for a good church, job(s) and finish preparing for this baby. BBB seems to be happy and healthy and we can't wait to meet him. If you are interested in sending us some welcome to your new home mail :-) our new address is:

4941 Thatcher Dr.
Martinez, CA 94553

much love to all our friends and family!

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Ben and Susi said...

Oh yay! Settled in! Let's see some new house pics! Pleeease?