Tuesday, January 13, 2009

But NOT Broccoli...

For Christmas this year, Matt gave me a juicer!! We have both (all 3 of us really) been really excited about it, and have used it nearly everyday since we got back from our travels. It's amazing!! We can juice whole apples, pomegranates, even broccoli. It has a low setting for really juicy things that are super soft like berries, pears, oranges (peeled) and a high setting for carrots, whole apples, etc.

The juicer is really neat! Here are some pictures of our endeavors:

So far we've had a great time with it! We've made some good juices and some "healthy" ones too (those would be the not so great ones), but we are definitely getting the hang of it. I had a little learning experience today when I realized exactly how far a little broccoli will go... I think I'll use less next time, but it was still o.k.

Bottom's up!

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Tabitha said...

Yum! I'm jealous!! I think I'd "eat" more fruits & veggies with a juicer.