Friday, January 23, 2009

Life Lessons on Work

A Lot of Housework will get you:

A rather large hole in the seat of your "work pants". (which after our latest projects have become, "throw in the trash pants". Illustrated by my hand fitting through the rear, and our big cat. We've been working hard around here!

Although I'm embarrassed not to have posted pictures yet, since we've moved in (in a little over 3 months) we've, torn up all the flooring in Matt's studio, replaced it with new flooring, painted every square inch of the studio, put in a new toilet, resolved a somewhat disgusting plumbing/sewage situation, torn up a good part of the back yard, replanted vegetables, flowers and trees, replaced a non-functioning garage door with an automatic door and had a brand new alarm system installed, only resulting in one visit from the Oakland PD. :-)

We've also been working on attaining some furniture for Matt's studio (to meet with clients, he has a meeting this Sunday and had another last week), our front family room ( we are hoping to start a Bible study with our church in the next few weeks, which we'll host here) and lighting and backdrop equipment for Matt. We've been really blessed to find most of this second hand, or at great bargains and are really starting to feel like the house is taking shape. There are still disheartening moments, for example, when we stood over a very very large hole that had been cut/drilled in our concrete sidewalk down to our old old OLD clay sewage pipes staring at a "mess", we'll call it, and the nice nice plumber said, "Well that's what I always say the first 5 years of home ownership is like, fixing these kind of problems." 5 YEARS!!!

But all in all, we are loving our house in Oakland, and working very hard on it's maintenance and improvements.


Herb of Grace said...

Five years IF YOU'RE LUCKY and have plenty of money in the bank. Otherwise, ten. Hate to burst the bubble, sistah.

The Sinks said...

Oh, hang in there! working on a house is neverending, and there are always nice little "surprises" that crop up, but it's such a great feeling of accomplishment!