Friday, February 27, 2009

Doggie Bow-wow

When I was a little girl (about Joey's age I guess, but I'd have to check with my mom on that) I called dogs, "bow-wows". I thought that was cute so I've been calling dogs, "bow-wows" with Joey too. I usually say something like, "look Joey, Doggie, bow-wow!" or "bow-wow", it's a doggie! I don't want him to not learn the word dog, but I thought it would be cute for him to say bow-wow. Especially for my mom to hear when she comes for BBB#2.

I was looking this morning at some cute dogs online. We aren't really little dog people, but I think if I were going to get a little one (maybe later in life) I'd go for a west highland white terrier, or a beagle puppy. So cute. Except I don't know if beagles are yippy. hmmmmm... something to think about.

In fact, we've been doing alot of talking about "bow-wows" because, we actually have 2 new babies coming. whew. We are expecting baby #1, a "little" male Bernese Mountain Dog, in a mere matter of weeks. We are just waiting until he is old enough to leave his Mom (about 3 more weeks). We are so excited!! Here is a picture of a Bernese puppy and adult.

We think they are a beautiful breed. They are also very large. We are getting a male which should range somewhere between 90-120 lbs. They are very mellow (not hyper dogs), energetic at times, and enjoy their rest also. They are known for being phenomenal with children and all of the BMD we've met have been so wonderful with Joey. He is still learning to "appreciate" doggie kisses, and much prefers an animal that complete ignores and simply tolerates him (like Mocha), but we are hoping that we all have an easy adjustment. Especially since we'll have about 3 months with this puppy before the next little male Beardsley arrives.

Can't wait to introduce all of you readers and friends to our new little (ha!) puppy. We are really really excited about his arrival in a few weeks.

(If you are interested in reading more about the Bernese Mountain Dog, they are a really intruiging breed, and you can check out . They were originally bred in Switzerland as draft dogs, and are known for guarding livestock and cattle. They have an unusually short life span for a larger dog, but there are ways to prolong it that we have spent alot of time learning about including keeping them active, and working on their weight (they tend to become overweight and sedentary).

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