Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In Case You've Ever Heard Me Complain...

I'd just like to say, for a couple of people who didn't think they would own a cat, that we have ended up with the best cat ever. Not only did he have a sweet, excitable, playful, jubliant kittenhood, but he calmed down into a sleepy, snuggly, playful, TOLERANT, and PATIENT cat.

I think Joey enjoys Mocha, almost more than us. He (Joey) emits a very high pitched SCREAM as soon as he sees Mocha every morning. He then proceeds to chase him down and hit him. He is trying to pet him, but it's more like the kind of really rough pat you'd give the side of a horses neck. Right now he is "vrooming" a car along the sofa into Mocha repeatedly. (Mocha is curled up and sleeping). Mocha has his limits (and moments) but for the most part, doesn't scratch or do anything to Joey. He seems to enjoy having Joey around, really. When it gets to be too much, sometimes he'll just get up and leave, and look for refuge on our bed, or in Matt's studio where Joey can't get to him.'s not just Joey. EVERY little person under the age of 6 that comes into this house (we don't know any older ;-) LOVE Mocha. They all hunt him down and want to pet him, watch him eat, drink, sleep, etc. Mocha is so tolerant. He has never hurt a little person in our house, or given us any cause to worry.

Thanks for bearing with me on a (somewhat boring) post about our cat. I was just watching him get abused by Joey and finding myself amazed yet again, over his tolerance. We try VERY hard to remind and demonstrate to Joey how to be gentle, but it's all a learning process and we're so grateful to be blessed with a cat who lets our little boy "learn" how to love him well.

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Susannah Forshey said...

***mwah*mwah* mwah**kisses for the pweshuss kitty!!!! I wish I had one, I'm very jealous!