Sunday, December 6, 2009

Many Mistakes Made Maneuvering Many Marvelous Months of Matthew

So a while ago I was working on a draft of a post about Matthew and I just finished and published it, but it's not at the top of my list.... SAD! it has been relegated back to the date that I started the draft, November 20th, SO.... if you want to read my new post about our little guy....

And if you'd like to come to my house and give me a blogger tutorial, I will feed you Christmas cookies and seasonally flavored coffee.

Thank you!


The Liebers said...

Hey Laurie,
One thing that I found to make blogging easier (expecially with pictures and the like) was to sign into my account. Click on "settings." Mkae sure you are on the "basic" tab and scroll all the way down to "global settings." Where it says "select post editor" you should cick on the top button for "Updated editor." It makes things a little easier when it comes to adding pictures, links and formatting. Hope this helps!

The Liebers said...

You may also want to click on the hyperlink next to the "updated editor" selection. It gives a good overview of what's new and how best to use it.

Sarah said...

When you're on the screen for writing the post, click on where it says "Post Options" in blue at the bottom of the text box. It brings up another box where you can change the post date and time!

You owe me Christmas cookies! ;)