Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Not Trying Not to Be Someone I'm NOT

I like to run. Now. I do. I like to run inside. On a treadmill, preferably in front of a T.V. with some morning show like Regis and Kelly, or a TBS repeat like Home Improvement or Saved by the Bell. Something that will help me to completely forget that I am exercising! I am starting more to like running with a friend, because I like talking and running. I am also....slowly..... starting to enjoy running outside. It's not very easy for me to like it. I'm working hard on it! I like to have a predictable path, know the terrain, and have it be pretty flat. Sound high maintenance? Well I don't really like to run outside! !

So shortly after Matt and I were married, on a trip back from Chile, we found ourselves both in need of tennis shoes. We headed out, along with Matt's parents to a giant shoe outlet in Asheville in search of some great running shoes that would surely help us to come closer together as a married (and adorably FIT) couple. Matt's parents house backs up to a large National Park and fun hiking and running trails. Matt of course, was looking for a great trail shoe as he loves to run outside. And I, being the new bride, wanted to love to run outside.

We both ended up with trail shoes. :-) I think mine have actually seen trails (for running) maybe 4 or 5 times. But I have faithfully run with them inside (where I actually do alot of running, you know, under the watchful eye of a large television) for 2 years now! After Matthew was born I was intending to try for the 1/2 marathon that Matt did in the beginning of October. Needless to say after a few weeks I realized that was just NOT going to happen. It was just 4 months after he was born! So after Matt finished I was determined to try one for myself. I picked the Kaiser 1/2 Marathon in San Francisco. Do you remember this blog? It's the SAME one I "tried" to register for last year, when I was pregnant (except that was for the 5K part of it), and the registration was "lost" on our front porch. Except this time, I'm going for the 1/2 marathon.

I'm a little nervous.

Ok, I'm a LOT nervous.

I'm hoping to finish it. Finish it running. My goal is to run the whole thing. That's 13 miles people. whew

So a few months ago I picked out a training program online. And I've been working on it ever since! It's been fun. There's about 5 days a week of running at least 3 miles or so and then a long run on the weekend. I've hit some exciting milestones. First time running 4, 5, and 6 miles after Matthew was born. First time running in an actual 10K (Thanksgiving weekend while we visited Matt's brother in L.A.). First time running 7 miles (EVER), and this weekend will be my first time running 8 miles!!

I also hit another exciting milestone! My first real pair of running shoes! (This is where we get into the Works for Me part of the blog. My friend Lexie and I went to See Jane Run. I had my first real running assessment. I found out that I over-pronate (I kinda suspected that) and have been running for a looong time on a shoe that is completely the opposite of what I need. To put some correcting shoes on was amazing! I was so excited to get new shoes. They were definitely a stretch for our budget but we are assuming that they will be cheaper than a rolled/sprained or broken ankle or knee problems!

Matt is such a wonderful husband to me. I love him so much! I want to be everything that he needs in a wife, the perfect helpmate for him. But you know what, chances are, I'm not going to be the best running-mate for him. I just don't love running on trails. The up and the down and the chance of running into bears (really has happened!), and all the trees. I think as more time passes, (for me at least) it gets a little easier for me to accept myself the way I am, and try to be the wife that God had planned for Matt in my heart and attitude, and not so much in less important ways, like my shoes.

And, the great part is, as I train more (averaging over 25 miles a week now!), and train with better shoes, the more I enjoy the running, the easier it gets and the more I, *gasp* like to run outside. I'm so excited about this race in February. I'm a little nervous about running 8 miles this Saturday but excited too. And I am especially excited about my new shoes. They are really nice. They are really comfortable. And if you won't write me off as cheesy, AND you are actually still reading, these new shoes are a little picture of me, getting to know myself better. Getting more comfortable with the person that God made me, and trusting that it is ok to be that person, and not try to be someone else.

So now, without further ado, (because there's been alot of ado!) Here are my new shoes:

I love them.
And me.
Even if I do like to run in front of a big 'ole flatscreen.


Lexie said...

they're beautiful :)

Herb of Grace said...

All right. You've done it. Between you and Susi, I'm a goner. I'll be in The Runner's Corner later next week for an assessment. We may have to re-mortgage the house to afford it, but I've got to get a good pair of running shoes.

Susannah Forshey said...

YEAH! You go, Laurie!!!! You're an inspiration to me, and I'm actually looking forward to the upcoming battle of getting off those preggo pounds with my new pair o' running shoes!

Savannah Jane Springer said...

Good for you Laurie! I admire all your motivation! Truly! I ran competitively for 8 years and when I finally stopped, that is when I began to enjoy it...and since I've gotten lazy, I miss it! I never expected that to happen! Having the right pair of shoes sure does make a difference doesn't it?! When I got my first pair of Asics I felt like I was running on little clouds! Since then, I've bought three more of the same pair of shoes - Sadly they don't make them anymore. I'm so excited for your 1/2 Marathon!