Thursday, March 4, 2010


For the last 8 weeks Joey has been so excited about going to "fool" (school) on Tuesdays and Thursdays!!  We found a SUPER cheap option, sorta nearby, for 2 hours a day, 2 X's a week.

He loved it, and I liked it too, although it didn't really work with my initial plans.  The original goal was for me to take him and come home and have some designated time to help Matt with business stuff.  It was just a little too far away for that, and not quite long enough, but I did like the socialization for Joey.  It ended up being a solid time for me to get to the grocery store (or another errand) without 2 kids in tow, which was very helpful in itself.  And, over 8 weeks it works out to be about $2.50 an hour.  (I told you it was cheap!)

Here are some pictures of the class and the last day.

Joey gets a high 5 and his completion certificate from one of his teachers, Ms. Tiki.

All-in-all, he really loved it, and it was at a great time for us, when some weekly church activities that we do, had stopped over the holidays and new year, but we aren't doing this session now.  I think we might do another in the summer along with some other mom's from church who are now interested.

Something to pray about for us, and for Joey would be preschool next year.  A few mom's in the church now are meeting to begin a Co-op! I'm very excited!  We've exchanged lots of emails and had our first meeting where we talked about our goals and curriculum and other logistical details.  It will most likely be for 3 days a week, 3 hours a day, or for 2 days a week, 4 hours.  It will give Matt and I some great working/business time, because it is a little longer than the Tots Around Town program that he just finished.  We're also excited about spending more time with friends from church, learning from a great pre-school curriculum and working together to "train up our children..."

We're planning another meeting next month and then a retreat together in April where we'll work on our goals and mission statement and other plans.  Please keep us in your prayers!

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Susannah Forshey said...

This is CRAZY! Just tonight I was talking to several people about putting Violet in a 2-day a week preschool, too! In fact, one of those people mentioned the JMU school you were talking about with me a while back. I'ma make some phone calls tomorrow. We're going to do something, that is for sure. :)