Sunday, December 16, 2007

3 Months Old!

On Saturday Josiah was 3 months old!! To celebrate I took a few videos of him doing different things (which for him, for now, means smiling and maybe grabbing things....)


This video clip is of Joey playing in his bouncer (which he no longer sleeps in!) with some toys.

And our new seat... this is NOT a Bumbo, I would like to point out because of all those crazy women who put the bumbo up on their tables, kitchen counters, bathroom sinks, couches, etc, so that their children fell off and got hurt and it was RECALLED for all the rest of us... SO this is Joey in his BeBe Pod....up on the couch ;-)

I can't really post the next video I took, but it was really exciting! I was taking a video of Joey on his tummy and then all of a sudden, he rolled over. I caught it all on the camera...of course that video is too long to post so instead you get a video I like to call "what happens when Daddy is watching Joey"

And after all that, our little man was so tired...

A few tidbits about what Joey is doing now... At almost 14 pounds (!!) he is sitting up really well when being held or propped against furniture. He has started to go to the childcare area of our gym for about an hour in the morning (so you all can pray that he doesn't get sick!) and seems to like it. The ladies that work in the childcare really seem to enjoy him! He is starting to develop a routine with his naps (one about an hour after he wakes up for a few hours and one in the early afternoon (after we get home from the gym). He goes to sleep somewhere between 7 and 8 and still sleeps very well (lucky us!) He likes all of his toys that light up and make noise and enjoys playing by himself or with us. He is easily entertained and not very needy but certainly loves to be snuggled and smiled at. He loves his pacifiers and is starting to pull them out of his mouth, and put other things in, as he discovers his hands and mouth. He occasionally will grab a toy in front of him, but not too often, so we're still working on that skill.

We are all gearing up for a trip back to the east coast for the holidays and the wedding of our friends Aaron and Sarah! Baby on a plane!
Merry Christmas!!


Herb of Grace said...

Gotta love the vid of Matt and Joey! Looks just like "what happens when Daddy watches JUDAH"! See the pics in my last blog? And I actually have an exactly-the-same-thing pic of Daddy watching Sofi, too. Oh well, if it keeps them all happy, right?

Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

Due to "unpopular demand" I have removed the video of my little sweetie fussing. :-) I was going for the "real" life of Joey, not just cute pictures and clips, but apparently it was just sad. sorry folks!