Friday, December 21, 2007

Beaten Down Blog

I had such a good time looking at Nativity pictures earlier in this week, thinking about what the Christmas season is truly about and spending some time enjoying what I have. I have a wonderful husband who loves me and takes care of me in ways I never even dreamed of. I have a very sweet son, whose smile brings tears to my eyes and who is daily a joy to us! I serve a God who loves me and will never let me go, as does my husband.

Good reminders because today California finally beat me down. To preface this, I know it is unfair to blame it all on the state....that said. Today while I was at the gym, my purse was stolen out of my car. I never take it in because I have no place to put it, and when I leave it in the car I am always careful to leave it in the trunk (which I won't even do in some neighborhoods, because I worry about people seeing me do that, and going to get it later) or I put it under the drivers seat (where it can't be seen). Today I put it under the drivers seat. That way it's relatively hard to spot unless someone is watching you, or notices you get out of a car without a purse. So one of those scenarios occured today because my locked car was jimmied and my purse with my wallet, cell phone, and palm pilot was stolen.

After spending some time on the phone with Bank of America, and waiting while the police poked around the car (with loud police german shepard barking from nearby car) I got to come home and wait on hold to reach all the different financial institutions to cancel my cards. Luckily for us, no cards were used. Apparently they tried to use my checkcard at a gas station for $1... probably just seeing if it worked, which the bank took care of. They didn't make it any further. My phone I guess is off somewhere ringing in a bush and my palm needed to be charged so I doubt it will turn on for them. I had very little cash, less than $40. I also had my sweet son with me, who stayed patiently in his carseat while he was rocked to sleep. Not a peep. He held it together, as I made more phone calls at home and canceled things and finally started to cry because he wanted to go to bed. After I put him in his crib he was totally asleep.

I wish stuff like this never happened but I am glad that the most important things to me are safe. I had my car keys. I drove home. I cried a little, because even though it is material convenience, it is convenient and there are things I need to do for us to be able to travel in 24 hrs, that I cannot do now. It also feels bad to be violated like that.

So your prayers would be greatly appreciated, as we work our way through re-obtaining these things, specifically my drivers license. Sadly some things can never be replaced. I had some pictures, and I had 3 notes that my mom, dad and brother wrote me when I left for college. They were very special to me.

I'm sure things will be looking up in a day or so, but right now, thinking of the things I needed to do tomorrow and the cross country traveling of the next few weeks without I.D., etc, I'm definitely beaten down! (Also, it's a little nerve wracking to be sitting at home with the baby, knowing that someone out there has our name and address, and money for that matter) It's funny.....why doesn't someone steal our washer and dryer so I can't do laundry for the trip, or our suitcases, so I can't pack!

(Also, Jamie and Lexie, we are still hoping to have breakfast with you in the morning but I can't call you to arrange the time because my phone is ringing in a bush somewhere)

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The Nolls said...

Laurie~ I am so sorry about your purse and the discouragement that can come with that. I totally understand that "beaten down" feeling. I am praying, though, as that was a few days ago, that you are enjoying your Christmas with family and friends who are usually far away, especially as they all get to meet and enjoy sweet Joey. Also, I wanted to say that I LOVE your new family photo! Beautiful!
Merry Christmas!