Monday, April 23, 2007

Fun Times with Friends in Chile....

Here are some fun pictures of some of our friends in Chile. Jamie and Lexie Mullins were married this past summer like Matt and I and (this is exciting!) live in California. Not just California, but outside of San Francisco, as we are planning to. They have been in Chile since shortly after their wedding also and we get to spend alot of time together. We're excited to get to go back to the states and live near our friends!

Dawn and Christian Moreno are some of our Chilean friends. Dawn is the youngest daughter of our Pastor here and her husband Christian is from Chile. We love visiting them at their house and playing with their fantastic kids, Dante (who just turned 3) and Kailah (4 months). We all have a great time together! This picture is of Christian and his beautiful new daughter.

Dawn working hard in the kitchen for everyone as we got together at the Moreno house to celebrate....well, friendship (and the day before Easter). We had a great time enjoying once (the Chilean meal eaten in the evening) with some interesting marisco empanadas. That would be empanadas filled with seafood which occasionally involves running across things like.....

And yes, that really was inside. Viva Chile!!

We couldn't be practicing with a sweeter little girl. Even while waiting to be fed she is the picture of happiness.

Here is Dante enjoying an evening stroll with Mommy and Daddy and little sis, the Mullins and the Beardsleys, and some little friends we found along the side of the road...

Very frightening reality off the beaten path in Santiago. These "little guys" (think roughly the size of your hand) often get into houses, garages and love to live in yards, especially where there is dry grass or dirt (so they are more often found on the side of the road or out in the wilderness). We don't see them in our second floor apartment. If we did, you all would see me, BACK in the States!

One more picture because I am so beautiful!!!

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