Sunday, April 15, 2007

Meet Mocha

Meet Mocha. Mocha is what is produced when 2 dog-lovers accidently stumble across an unbelievably cute kitten on the side of the road. A cat that comes when you whistle and fetches and begs at the dinner table.

This is another picture of Mocha as a kitten. We found 2 cats who looked exactly alike. One was running around, climbing trees and very active. The other looked a little scraggly and climbed on Matt's shoulder, laid down and didn't move for about 30 minutes. We took him home and in 4 short months he has quadrupled or more in size. It's amazing! This is Mocha at about 2 months.

The best way for a cat to sleep!
A position we see Mocha in roughly 18 hours of any given day.

Matt and Mocha last week. Man's best friend he may not be but until we can make him jealous with a puppy, he's definitely the next best thing. He completely, shamelessly favors Matt and prefers to play with him and sleep on him whenever possible. Mocha is definitely the best cat possible for us!

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