Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A few more fun pictures....and some news...

I can't believe I didn't put up a picture of all 4 of us Beardsleys from our travels, but here we are at some park in the North of Chile (sorry for the facts you will need to ask someone more attentive ;-) Rob, Amanda, Laurie and Matt (Baby Boy Beardsley included in photo but not visible at this angle).

Here are a few more pictures from our travels:

We were able to visit some beautiful wineries while Rob and Amanda were visiting. With the changing seasons, Matt had some great opportunities for good shots (like he needs any help ;-).

As you'll notice in this picture, behind this attractive couple there is a helicopter on the lawn. We actually ate at a restaurant where some other diners had flown in and then left in their helicopter when they were done eating. We were informed that they came to eat every week at this restaurant. Very impressive. I am just getting ready for all the celebrity citings that I plan on having in California.

Speaking of California Matt and I have our tickets to go out and look for a place to live!!! Please keep us in your prayers from June 28 - July 1 as we hopefully find a great, hip, stylish, and very very inexpensive place to live, extremely close to the city. :-) See.... now that's why we need your prayers.... :-) We are dreaming big and looking forward to making a home for ourselves and our new baby.

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