Friday, May 11, 2007

Visit to Buenos Aires

For the past 2 weeks we have been enjoying a visit from Matt's brother Rob, and sister-in-law Amanda. It has been great fun for us, and a vacation for Rob and Amanda after some seriously pressing academic work. Amanda will be awarded her Doctorate in Geology tomorrow, May 12th from Rice University, and Rob who is in medical school at Baylor University just finished taking his Boards. Congratulations guys!!

Well before I speed ahead to our double Beardsley adventures I am going to post some pictures of our trip to Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Buenos Aires.

The falls can be seen from Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. We only visited the Argentine side but we were amazed by what we saw. The falls stretched out on both sides almost as far as the eyes could see and in a near-jungle setting, they were truly breathtaking.

There were so many great things to see at Iguazu, weird looking animals called coatis, that look like raccoons but with noses like anteaters, and more butterflies in one place than I've ever seen. We spent a morning walking a trail where you can see monkeys and tucans, but unfortunately all we saw were huge spiders and ants the size of mice.

After 3 days touring around the falls and town of Iguazu we flew back to Buenos Aires for 2 days of exploring the city and visiting friends. While we were in B.A. we were able to stay with our friend Julie Buell and visit with our new friends Marilyn and Geordon Rendle who head up Youth for Christ in Argentina. It was a great visit to a very busy city but we were glad to return to our more peaceful and familiar Santiago. This is a picture that Matt took during our whirlwind tour of B.A.

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