Saturday, May 26, 2007

Someone's coming!!

Someone's coming!!! Keep in your prayers today as you read this and tomorrow in case (God forbid) it lasts that long, my dear friend Elisa as she is currently having her second beautiful child. Here are Lisi and I at my wedding (where she was my matron of honor and really took care of all the details of the entire event). Lisi and her husband, Jeremiah, are hoping to deliver their second child at home today(daughter Sofi is 4 1/2).
Here is a picture of Sofi who right now, I imagine, is anxiously waiting to welcome her new little brother or sister into the family. She will be turning 5 in September when Baby Beardsley is born. (5 is old enough to babysit, right??)

"What shall I render to the Lord
For all His benefits toward me?
I shall lift up the cup of salvation,
And call upon the name of the Lord." Psalm 116: 12-13

Our prayers are with you Lisi. We can't wait to hear how everything goes!!!

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