Saturday, May 26, 2007

More pictures of BBB

Here are some of the latest pictures of our baby boy. In the first picture can see his foot up by his head, whereas in the second it has been cut out. We had a bit of a hard time getting him to wake up for this sonogram. Actually we had a hard enough time that the doctor stopped the sonogram (and stopped poking at me, thank heavens) and sent us out to walk around the hospital and get something to eat to wake the baby. When we returned although he was still sound asleep, he had turned over completely and gave the doctor exactly the view he was looking for. So everything looks great, and we now have a great 3-d sonogram where the womb shakes intermittently as the doctor pokes at my belly to get our little guy to wake up, or turn over. :-)

Can't complain though, especially if this is any indication of how he will sleep after he is born!

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Carol said...

What a PRECIOUS FACE!!!! He is going to be quite a handsome little guy Laurie. Congratulations. What great ultrasound pictures. I know you must be so excited. I am so happy for both of you.