Friday, September 14, 2007

Matt's new Baby!!

Don't get too excited.....Matt is excited enough for everyone!! About a week and half ago Matt got a new baby, a professional camera!! It was a great deal for us and is already proving useful for his classwork. It came with some supplies that he needed for class so finding out that there was stuff we would have had to buy that now we don't is good news!! Here are some pictures of the new little joy!!
This is why we have so many pictures of the cat! When he's just sitting there, he makes the perfect target!!
This is the camera with some of the other equipment that Matt got included. He got 3 nice lenses and a flash, and then some odds and ends.....good sized memory cards and cords and cables. We are very excited about this camera, as it is definitely a step in the right career direction for Matt. We're hoping that some jobs will quickly follow!!

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Snog Dot said...

Is that the D40???? I just bought myself one for Father's Day!